Entertained by Christianity!

Entertained by Christianity!

It is disturbing to know that we are living in an age of intellectual Christianity which is much more pronounced than before. Because of the abundance of resources and material at hand, it is possible for the believer to keep on studying about the things of God and do nothing much else. He fails to understand that our faith is thoroughly practical and that our study can help us only as far as we become doers of the Word. In other words, we study only because we want to do the things that Jesus did and live like Him. We learn Christ and not just learn about Christ.We want to know Christ so that we can gain Christ. We look into the Scriptures because we want to find life and all our study has to lead us to Him who can give life. It is possible to read books, to listen to messages and even gain a lot of degrees which can become a pursuit in itself. In fact, we have even produced our own version of Christianity where we get involved in it only to get entertained by it. The entertainment is not obvious because it seems to be a spiritual exercise but it just feeds our mind and does nothing else.

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  • Tony Joseph Posted April 27, 2017 5:34 am

    i would love to get the every weeks message which is put up in the website

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